Fairview Last Day Signs

  • Last Day Signs 2023INSTRUCTIONS: #FairviewLastDay 2023-2024

    • Take a photo of students smiling with the Fairview Last Day signs.
    • Share the photo with us in one of two ways:


    •  TWITTER:
      • Tweet the photo at us @FPSchools and make sure to use the hashtag #FairviewLastDay
      • Make sure to include our Twitter handle in your post to tag us! @FPSchools


      • Make sure you like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/fairviewpark.schools
      • After liking our page, tag us in your post by typing in @FairviewPark.Schools. Fairview Park City School District should come up automatically.


    Click on the links below to download the Fairview Last Day signs! Congratulations to everyone for a great end to the school year.