Fairview Park City School District Board of Education

Fairview Park City School District Board of Education
Back row (L-R): Donald Bittala, Dorin Jackson
Front Row: (L-R): Joslyn Dalton, Erin Hinkel, Jennifer Bolander
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  • The Fairview Park City Schools are governed by a five-member Board of Education that provides governance to the district on policy and financial matters.

    The Board’s duties include:

    • Engaging community members in decision-making about the district and schools
    • Hiring and evaluating the district superintendent and treasurer
    • Recommending financing/funding options to the community to provide for district needs outlined in a long-range plan
    • Adopting an annual budget and demonstrating fiscal accountability
    • Adopting policies for the governance of the district and its schools
    • Considering and voting upon the recommendations of the superintendent in all matters of policy, appointment or dismissal of employees, salary schedules or other personnel regulations, courses of study, selection of textbooks, or other issues pertaining to the operation of schools and student achievement
    • The Board may only exercise its governing authority when convened together in a public meeting; Board members are not able to take action on district or Board matters individually. Each Board member is elected by district residents to four-year terms during years ending with odd numbers. Two Board members are elected in one election and three are elected in the next, creating staggered terms. Board members may serve unlimited consecutive or non-consecutive terms.
    • Board Agendas are posted 48 hours prior to upcoming meetings.

Board of Education Members

  • Joslyn Dalton, President
  • Erin Hinkel, Vice President
  • Donald Bittala
  • Jennifer Bolander
  • Dorin Jackson

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      Public Participation

      • Fairview Park City Schools Board of Education is a decision-making body. The public may express sentiments to assist the members in making decisions, but time spent answering routine questions or criticisms takes time away from board meetings. Questions about the operation of schools should be directed to your child’s teacher or an administrator of the school.

        Public participation under the agenda item “Public Comments” is welcome and any concern dealing with education in Fairview Park City Schools may be discussed at this time. Three minutes will be allocated for each person to speak with a maximum time of 30 minutes for public participation.

        During that period, each person may only speak once or until all who desire to speak have had the opportunity to do so. Administration will attempt to answer questions when they are presented. In most cases more information is needed to satisfy all parties, thus the question may be referred to the superintendent of schools or the treasurer for further investigation or study.

        Speakers are asked to refrain from defamatory or abusive remarks, verbal criticism, and/or complaints against an individual employee of the school district. The presiding officer may terminate the speaker’s privilege of address if, after being called to order, the speaker persists in improper conduct or remarks.