FHS/MMS Dress Code

  • Please refer to the Fairview High School & Lewis F. Mayer Middle School Dress code below:

    The following guidelines shall constitute the student dress code. 

    1. Students shall, at all times, wear some kind of shoes and/or sandals.
    2. Shorts and skirts should provide adequate coverage to the thigh.
    3. Dark glasses are not to be worn unless prescribed by a doctor.
    4. All hats and head coverings worn are not to include vulgar, obscene, libelous, or denigrate others because of race, color, weight, religion, religious practice, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group, gender/sex, sexual orientation or disability, etc. If a student is asked to remove a hat or other headgear by any school personnel, the request must be honored promptly with no discussion.
    5. Style of dress that exposes the midriff is prohibited. This prohibition includes the exposure of the front, rear and sides of the waist. Tank tops, cutoff shirts or any garment, which reveals undergarments, are not appropriate. All tops should have two straps.  
    6. Garments including head coverings that advertise or display illegal and/or inappropriate activities for young people (drugs, alcohol, violent activities, tobacco, promiscuity, guns, or reference to cults, gangs, etc.) are not permitted.
    7. Holes in clothing cannot reveal any undergarments.  
    8. See-through leggings are not permitted.
    9. Students are NOT permitted to bring blankets/pillows/stuffed animals to school or walk around with blankets wrapped around any part of their body.