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Sami Brancatelli

Staff Shining Star Award Winner Sami Brancatelli"On behalf of the faculty and staff of Gilles-Sweet Elementary School, it is our pleasure to recognize Mrs.Sami Brancatelli and honor her as our September Shining Star Staff.

Each day at Gilles-Sweet, Mrs. Brancatelli welcomes students with her contagious smile at one of their most favorite places at school, the playground.  While students enjoy recess, Mrs. Brancatelli can be found encouraging students to stay active and have fun..  Mrs. Brancatelli encourages students to try playing different games or activities while promoting an inclusive environment for all students.  Mrs. Brancatelli continuously strives to help ensure that each student stays safe recess, manages friendship challenges, and reinforces and models problem solving strategies.  

A very special thank you to Mrs. Sami Brancatelli for all her hard work, day in and day out, to provide students a safe and enjoyable recess experience."