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Danielle Jankowski

Staff Shining Star Award Winner Danielle Jankowski

It is often said that the strength of a community is measured by the hearts of its people. And in Danielle, we find a heart that is caring, compassionate, and detail-oriented. She is a beacon of positivity, with an attitude that not only uplifts those around her but also inspires them to strive for more.

Danielle has time and again demonstrated her caring nature. She is always there to lend a helping hand, to provide a listening ear, and to offer a comforting word. Her compassion is evident in the way she interacts with her students, her peers, and all those fortunate enough to cross her path throughout the day.

What sets Danielle apart is her positive attitude. Even in the face of challenges, she remains optimistic, never wavering in her belief that all students can and will achieve their goals. This positivity is infectious, spreading a wave of optimism that invigorates our campus. We are all so very thankful she is a part of our team. 

Danielle, you truly are a Shining Star.