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Hillery Needham

Staff Shining Star Award Winner Hillery Needham

Today, we honor an individual whose dedication, creativity, and compassion have lifted the spirits of our students. It is my profound honor to recognize Hillery Needham as our February Staff Shining Star.

As our orchestra teacher, Hillery has brought about more than just music in our halls. She has composed a symphony of learning, where each note corresponds to her commitment to student-centered education and each melody echoes her passion for the arts. Her creativity is not confined to the scores of sheet music; it resonates through her innovative teaching methods, crafting lessons that captivate and inspire young minds.

To describe Hillery as courteous and caring would be an understatement. She conducts her classroom with kindness and grace, fostering an atmosphere where respect is paramount, and every student feels valued. Her caring nature ensures that each child is heard, supported, and guided with empathy and understanding.

It is no surprise that Hillery's students are high-performing. Under her direction, they have not only mastered their instruments but have also learned the discipline, focus, and resilience that comes with the pursuit of musical excellence. Hillery's unwavering belief in her students' potential has led them to achieve remarkable heights, both in music and in life.

Hillery Needham's outstanding contribution to Fairview Park City Schools is a testament to her passion for teaching and inspiring young musicians. Thank you for all you do, Hillery. Congratulations.