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Chris Sawicki

Staff Shining Star Award Winner Chris Sawicki"Today we honor an individual whose passion for teaching and unwavering commitment to student success has left an indelible mark on our school community. Mr. Chris Sawicki is  our Fairview Park City Schools March Shining Star.

In a world where enthusiasm for the profession can sometimes wane, Mr. Sawicki remains a beacon of energy and creativity. Whether he's leading a lesson, engaging in a hallway conversation, or collaborating with colleagues, his vibrant personality shines through. This infectious enthusiasm not only energizes his own teaching but also serves as a powerful motivator for his students.

But Chris' impact extends far beyond his own classroom. As a mentor to teachers both new and seasoned, he generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience. Through his guidance and encouragement, he helps his colleagues find ways to ensure all students can succeed within their classrooms. His collaborative spirit and willingness to support his fellow educators underscores his deep commitment to the betterment of our entire school community.

Mr. Sawicki's ability to connect with his students on a deep level is truly remarkable. He has a rare gift for making each child feel seen, heard, and valued. His students adore him, not just because he makes learning fun, but because he sees their potential and believes in them even when they doubt themselves. This unwavering belief and the safe space he creates allows his students to soar to heights they never thought possible.

Thank you for all you do, Chris. Congratulations."