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An Important Message for the Fairview Park Community

May 25, 2022

Dear Fairview Park families,

I am sure that you are also still in shocked disbelief upon hearing of the tragic news coming out of Uvalde, Texas, yesterday. The senselessness of this tragedy is impossible to comprehend. The fact that these acts of violence continue to happen in schools is both frightening and frustrating. As a district, we continue to examine our own safety and security procedures in each of our buildings. Schools should be a safe environment for all students to learn, and we will be diligent in ensuring we are doing all we can to keep them safe.

This morning, our staff met to discuss the tragedy and strategies on how to address the situation with our students. We have made support and counselors available in each of our schools for students to share their concerns. Talking about this senseless tragedy at home is also difficult for families, but sometimes necessary. We have collected resources to help families address this incident with their children, regardless of their age:


With unity comes strength, and we will continue to be a community united in keeping students and staff safe in our schools. As the country moves forward from this tragedy, the Fairview Park City Schools will recommit ourselves to being vigilant in our schools. We encourage our students and families that if they “see something, say something.” 

Any student or family member can anonymously report suspicious activity by texting or calling the School Safety Tip Line at 1-844-SAFEROH. Students are also encouraged to contact a trusted adult in the building with any safety concerns. 

Although this event is tragic in every sense of the word, we look forward to celebrating the successes of this school year and look forward to the rest and renewal that comes from summer break.



Keith Ahearn, Superintendent