What JEDI means to Fairview Park

  • These definitions are what guide us in our journey for a district where all students are connected, respected, and valued. 



    • A state of being where there is variety and difference; refers to the many ways people differ from one another as individuals (personality, experience, etc.) and social/group members (race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc.).
    • Diversity can only occur in a group, where one thing, person, or experience, is different from another. 



    • Refers to a practice where people receive what they need to succeed.
    • A just society is when all people have access to fair treatment, basic rights, protections, security, opportunities, obligations, and social benefits.



    • Is the practice of valuing the unique experiences and contributions people have to offer.
    • Inclusion recognizes that the most growth happens when these unique contributions are encouraged and supported.
    • Inclusion is an ongoing commitment and goal where organizations create the conditions for diversity to thrive in a way that connects, respects, and values all members of the community.
    • Inclusion rejects assimilation and suppression of differences.



    • Refers to a goal or vision for social change and requires a strategy to redress histories of violence, inequality, trauma, and the unjust treatment of groups.
    • There are many different types of justice practices that offer different approaches to enacting social change (e.g., Restorative, Transformative, Reparative, etc.)