Academic Achievement and Technology

  • Improve student success through a rigorous curriculum, integrated use of technology, focusing on research-based pedagogy, encouraging the real-world application of content, and allowing students to exhibit the skills they acquire in the “Fairview Advantage” portrait of a graduate in academic and extracurricular activities.

    Goal 1: Work collaboratively to create observable indicators of research-based teaching strategies, appropriate technology integration, and visible student actions that focus on rigorous academic content and encourage student ownership of their learning.

    Goal 2: Challenge students to explore and showcase their interests in cross-disciplinary ways that require multiple skill sets, knowledge, and innovation.

    Goal 3: Implement a Pre-K-12 process to review data and monitor student achievement, identifying gaps and providing struggling students with additional support. 

    Goal 4: Ensure equitable access to a relevant and rigorous curriculum for all students.